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Pictures from the show!

The Speakeasy Illustration show was a blast! I had a great time. It was really tiring standing till midnight, but it was worth the sore feet. A whole lot of people showed up and there was some great artwork on show. I took some photos, you can check em’ out on my Flickr account.

SpeakEasy Illustration Show

Speakeasy’s annual Illustration Show is this Thursday, 4 Sep, at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. On display will be works from Toronto illustrators. Some of my work will be there too, and I will be there to put up the stuff and attend the opening. I may not be able to stay all night due to work, but if you are coming down do let me know so I can try and say hi!

For more information check out Speakeasy’s website at: [link]

4 Sep 2008
The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen West, Toronto
“Pay What You Can”

Off to ICON illustration conference

I will be joining some pals from my illustration group Sketch Motel in New York later this week for the ICON illustration conference at the Roosevelt hotel.

On Tuesday, 2nd July, there will be a roadshow at the hotel where various illustrators and illustration reps will be showing their work. Admission is free to art directors, designers, editors and art buyers. We have table there where we’ll be showing off our work, talking to art directors (hopefully) and dishing out postcards when not trying to make ninja stars out of them.

So… blog is going to be a bit slow for the next little while. Got sketches to scan, just haven’t gotten round to it. Work and the general tiredness persist.

How to paint a bag

Keep6 gallery is having a show called Eco-Bag, Eco-Life which features eco friendly tote bags painted and customized by artists and designers. Here’s mine (a bit of a rushed job, but I think it turned out ok). The bags will be on sale at the gallery and will also be on tour around the world – see the gallery for details.

I just drew straight onto the bag with a HB pencil. I have been rather busy lately so I didn’t have that much time to work on this, so I decided to do something simple and funny. Oh Noz is a funny expression to me.

I painted in the colors with acrylic paint. I was wondering if I could get away with not using an outline but it didn’t really work out.

Finished adding the black outlines. The waves seemed too bare, so I decided to put in lines with a white acrylic marker.

Here’s the final bag!

Work/Life book launch

I am part of Work/Life, a directory of Canadian illustration & photography. The book and its accompanying exhibition are going to launch on June 5 at Uppercase Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.

I won’t be attending the show myself, but if you are in Calgary do drop by and take photos! The book will be on sale afterwards, and I believe some will be distributed to art directors.

(The first image is the book cover; the second one is my entry)

Long long ago…

I was asked to submit some stuff to MOCHA (Mueseum of Childrens Art) in Oakland, CA, for consideration into their Once Upon a Time show. The show features art by childrens book illustrator, and the art they created when they were kids.

These are some of my really old drawings and paintings, done when I was 12-14. Though most of my early works make me cringe these days, I personally am still fond of the underwater dragons one, which is going to be in the show. More details later.

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Bax Bear

Keep 6 Contemporary, a contemporary/ low-brow/ pop-culture gallery a few streets down, is having an upcoming exhibition for these vinyl toys called Bax Bear. They gave me one of the ‘DIY’ versions of the bear to paint as I wished, to be part of the show.

So, seeing how I’ve never painted a toy before (unless you include the really awful paint jobs I did on model aeroplanes back when I was a kid), I decided to document the inaugural process.

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