CharleneChua nice france beach sketch paintnig

Europe trip sketches

Took a while to get round to scanning these and putting them up! Sketches I did on my trip to Italy and France earlier this year. Watercolor and pens. Had lots of fun drawing outdoors, although it was kind of cold on some days. Amazing how the lack of time in a new location forces me to draw despite the weather. Click on the images to see larger versions. Continue Reading…

modesty sansevero sketch charlene chua illustration

Statue, Modesty

Sketched this up as part of a daily drawing group thing. It’s based off a statue in an Italian church called Modesty (English translation).

Modesty was completed in 1752 by the Venetian Antonio Corradini”

For more information on the statue and where it lives, please visit the Sansevero Chapel Museum website.

female gymnast charlene chua illustration

Female gymnast

Still sketching in lazy holiday mode. But I also kind of enjoy the looseness when I allow myself to not fret over details.

scrooge actor pencil sketch


That guy that played Scrooge in the movie… Pencil sketch